Do This Everyday To Lose Weight | 2 Weeks Shred Challenge

Hello everyone, today's exercise is only 13 minutes and your whole body is working.

If you want a quick and effective workout, you can do this exercise every day.

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And if you want to join in this challenge, Don't forget to leave a comment with your progress or use the hashtag on Instagram or create a YouTube video like these girls Let's get to know each other and get started.

Well, we have three sets of seven exercises each with five to ten seconds of rest and 15 seconds of rest.

Let's finish things with Crossbody Mountain Climbers.

Close the knee as close to the opposite arrow as possible and continue your main task.

To get your core involved Remember to breathe, it slides, it slides and your core is tight.

We had a quick five-second break and then we got Burpees.

You can make standard frames if you want or push if you want.

Make sure you do it safely, not on a slippery surface.

So take it nice and slow for a little impact We take a 10-second break and the next ones are the highest Make sure your core is involved and bring your knees up to your waist and quickly control and remember to breathe.

For low impact, simply raise your slider Next we have internal and external scooters.

As you engage your cracks and main saddle, lower yourself and come back in and repeat Make sure your wrists are involved and your back is neutral.

For low impact, you can make stickers without jumping.

Yes I can We have Push-Up attached to the mountain.

Start by pushing and run and repeat two round mountains.

If you can't push, you can only go for stretches or push-ups.

Whichever you prefer Skater Jump is next.

It is a great exercise to increase your heart rate.

Make sure you take a big jump, but be really healthy people who are really important.

For low impact, you can jump without The final exercise for the final set is Spider-Man Wood, this is a great exercise to make Abyssinia, so keep up the guys who can That is the end of a collection.

We have 15 seconds of rest or you can take up to a minute of rest if you want We will start the second set with Corker Start by crossing one leg and slide your opposite hand or touch the knee If you are new to this, start speeding because it may be very smart at first, but it will be easier after the first round For low impact, simply bring the knee to a high plateau position Next we have the plaques.

This is great for your key Make sure your butt is not rotating or shrinking and you can jump for less impact Next, we have the opposite limb to make those legs.

Make sure you engage your main saddle and do not let your front knees cross your toes And we will bring a bracelet on the next skipped board.

Go down slowly and make sure you are safe, do not hurt your ankles So if you can't jump, keep going forward or backward Up and down Plank is next.

This is another great exercise for the body.

And for Gore Boys, keep going.

We're done with an integrated two.

Next we have the Trips Finger Touch.

Be sure to hold your core firmly in the same position.

Touch your fingers with the opposite hand The final exercise for the second set is to keep the Burpees with the men who were with us That is the end of the second set We have a 15 second break or you can take up to a minute break if you want and we will start the final set With some Buccaneer Brown Hops, jump both legs to the left and then to the right This is becoming more and more difficult now, but you can do it and bring low impact one side at a time Now Jump Jacks are fast and controlled and have a low impact, you can do it tirelessly Next we have the last child, the Rurt Lounge.

When you have the last lunch, sit back down, then bring your legs back and have a good lunch.

This is a great workout for you and your outer thighs Let's do the same on the other side, let's do this.

We are close to that Next we have Hesman This is similar to the long knee with the posterior knee, so jump to the left and then lift the opposite knee upwards Then repeat on the other side.

For low-impact, you can take a step left or right instead We have a bicycle hook to touch the opposite arrow and bring it together to touch your sponge Make sure you remember to breathe and we are almost done with exercise men.

One more is left to continue And the last exercise is a big thread.

Go out for the last exercise You can do this and for low impact, without jumping I hope you enjoyed that workout guys Feel free to perform this exercise every morning or when it is convenient Don't forget to break down, subscribe and turn on ads with such a button, and I'll see you in the next video.


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