10 weird weight loss tips that experts say really work

half of Americans say they're trying to lose weight and as you know it is not always easy and we have some really weird expert tips that are actually proven to work first hang a mirror where you eat one study found that dining in front of mirrors cut the amount people ate by nearly one third another tip light a vanilla scented candle after dinner and a study participants who wore vanilla scented patches lost an average of four and a half pounds also try sniffing your food before eating it it sounds weird but one experiment showed that more people sniff the less hungry and they were and the more weight they lost and tried dieting with a buddy researchers partnering with someone else can increase your chances of weight loss success if I could get a husband and wife to tie it together exercise together and almost always more effective and you're gonna like this one a morning cup of coffee may also help scientists say coffee may suppress appetite and trigger thermogenesis it's a process that speeds up metabolism yeah so here's to the second and third cup of coffee this morning maybe try the sniffing thing at home yes maybe not [Laughter]

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